Keeping Children Safe Online (KCSO)

KCSO aims to provide children and youth with skills to better protect themselves and others from abuse and sexual exploitation when using the internet, mobile phones and other forms of media technologies. The project is twofold focusing on providing good practices, guidelines and tools to children and their caregivers about staying safe online, in additions to creating a complaints mechanism where incidents concerning child pornography, trafficking, and racism, fraud and consumer protection in general are reported and processed. 

The primary target population of KCSO in Jerusalem- West Bank- Gaza are children and youth participating in WV projects. Trainings have been developed to target children of different age groups ensuring age appropriate messages for each group. The age groups focus on children aged 7-12 years old and 13-18 years old. 

Teachers, parents and caregivers in schools, institutions and community centres are also receiving training as its imperative that they understand the different functionalities and risks of the internet and mobile phones. 

In June 2011, KCSO JWG entered phase 1 of the project piloting the project in Kharbatha Bani Harith, West Ramallah ADP. In June 2012, the project expanded to Siris of South Jenin ADP, Kferet of West Jenin ADP and Kufr Al Dik of South Salfit. Central Nablus (Awarta) and Bethlehem (Nahalin) ADP’s will witness the project activities in 2013.


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